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Nature Photos

By Nick Schaf

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I plan to offer the photos in sizes ranging from 5x7 to 20x30 inches.  However, the qualities of some of the photos will force me to only offer them in sizes from 5x7 to 8x12/8x12 and maybe 16x20 inches.  I plan to place markings by each photo in the viewer indicating the available sizes and the name of the photo.

If you are interested in any of the photos at this time, please feel free to email me with an offer at schaf@execpc.com

Thank you.

About Me

What can I say, for some reason I like lightning, but I am scared of storms.  I like rivers and lakes, but dislike water and watersports.  Maybe I was meant to contradict myself.

I first started taking lightning photos when I was about 14 years old.   My parents bout a camaer that had the bulb exposure feature on it, so I started playing.  My first successful shot was the one on the upper right corner of the lightning thumbnails.  The waterfalls and sunrises just intrigued me, so I started shooting those too.  The shots of the moon were a one-time thing I did while loaning a camera and zoom lens from my boss.  They turned out fairly well, but there's not much more one can do with the moon.

I live near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and work in a one-hour photo lab.   Therefore, I develop and print all of my own photos up to 12x18 inches.   Larger prints are made by a different, but also high quality, lab.  Since I work in the photo lab, I have the opportunity to see customers' photos and hear their stories.  This comes in very helpful when shooting my own photos.

I plan to add a pane to my image viewer that will provide a caption for each photo as well as the photo's name and any applicable technical information.

-Nick Schaf

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